About Us


       DFC Machinery & Engineering was founded at 2003, at first we had designed and fabricated the custom-made machines and had manufactured automotive spare parts for a long time. Now,  we  have just become professional level on plastic machinery and air duct machinery for being a one of the leadership of Turkey. We are on the increase with quality and at the same time, pay attention our client’s wish and caution.

      We had been working on each machine and spare part for r&d and design calculations before we had fabricated it.By this means, we would response the all wish of our client’s for work a long time machinery without problem and fault.

      We standy by solution partnership for your firm all the time. 

      DFC Machinery &Engineering Industry


  • Spiral Tube Former
  • Plasma Machine
  • Uncoiler
  • Elbow Maker Machine
  • Hortum Boru Palet Çekici
  • Hortum Örgü Tamburu
  • Otomatik Hortum Boru Sarma Makinesi
  • Plastik Extruder Makineleri
  • Granül Makineleri
  • Çelik Telli Spiral Hortum Makinesi
  • Kangal Boru Üretim Hattı
  • PVC – Naturel Hortum Hattı
  • Örgülü Hortum Hattı
  • Spiral Hortum Makinesı Hattı
  • Plasmafeeder
  • Hose Pallete Puller
  • Hortum Sarma Makinesi
  • Hortum Boru Bant Çekiciler